Here’s what they have to say....
“I found the anatomy course extremely helpful. I would recommend the course — particularly after hearing many complaints from teachers about unsatisfactory anatomy courses at their trainings — because I have been able to apply the concepts as well as the specific application to yoga postures while teaching class. Christopher was both clear AND interesting. The story-telling approach, grouping related structures and concepts, was very effective. 
Christopher is VERY knowledgeable about the subject matter. He used a variety of techniques including lecture, slides, diagrams, videos, models and actual bodies. For example, when discussing the ribcage and lungs, he showed a video of lungs (ribcage removed) being inflated to demonstrate the expansion capacity. He also had a student demonstrate Pranayama Breathing to the class as he pointed out pertinent anatomical details.
His effectiveness comes from his deep understanding of anatomy AND yoga, his straightforward organization of the material, and his infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter. You can't help but be swept along by Chris' evident delight in the material and how this knowledge enriches yoga practice and instruction.”                                                                                                                                                              - Susanne Rosenberg, Bikram Yoga Exton |Exton | PAhttp://www.bikramyogaexton.com/shapeimage_4_link_0
“Participating in Key Anatomical Concepts for Yoga was one of the most inspiring things I've done in a long time! Christopher is a dynamic and engaging teacher, capable of condensing a huge field of knowledge into a format that is both relevant and compelling. The information I learned has already revolutionized my practice as well as whet my appetite to keep learning about anatomy and its applications to yoga.”                                                                                                                                                      - Kristin Saylor, St Peter’s Episcopal Church | New York | NY
“Christopher provided the anatomy course for the premier Yoga Factory Teacher Training course in 2016. His attention to detail and willingness to tailor the syllabus to our specifications exceeded our expectations.
He is an incredibly engaging orator and was quite patient with our students and their endless questions. 
Finally, Chris received a 90% approval rating from our students in the post training survey! As we continue to offer our students the highest quality yoga teacher training program on the market, Chris will be our first choice for anatomy instruction.”                                                                                                                                                             - Phil Vendemia, Yoga Factory | Annapolis | MDhttp://www.yogafactorytt.com/http://www.bikramyogaannapolis.com/shapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1
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“Chris is an incredible resource and I'm grateful to have been able to learn from him. He is very effective and incredibly knowledgeable. I would go to him for any anatomy question I have now and in the future! Going into the course, my goal was to feel more comfortable referencing anatomy during class and discussing questions with students.  The class lectures have helped me to achieve both!”                                                                                                                                                              - Angelica Daniele, Bikram Yoga Baltimore | Baltimore | MDhttp://www.bikramyogabaltimore.com/shapeimage_14_link_0
“I thought the course was perfect! When a student asks me after class about the alignment of a posture, I now feel confident answering those questions. The diagrams, notes, and models helped make the information accessible and memorable. Chris lectures in a way that allows the information to be retainable beyond just short term memory. His depth of knowledge exceeded my expectations.”                                                                                                                                                              - April Penland, Bikram Yoga Richmond | Richmond | VAhttp://bikramyogarichmond.com/shapeimage_15_link_0
“After completing the course, I feel that I am able to hold my ground differently when challenges arise during class. Learning the material gave me the confirmation (I didn't even know that I needed,) that my knowledge and approach has been correct. It was so valuable to have the anatomy illuminate the dialogue. To see where the dialogue comes from physically as expressed by someone who practices and teaches Bikram Yoga.
Christopher has managed to distill the essence of what is needed to teach, reinforce form, etc. The visual aids were particularly helpful. And of course his personal knowledge of the practice.
It was perfect. Truly. Intelligent. Clear. And also sophisticated.”                                                                                                                                                      - Maja Wampuszyc, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_16_link_0
“The story-telling approach was a useful means of presenting the material in a clear and most effective manner. Chris is very schooled in the subject of anatomy. His explanations were delivered in such a way that it was not too technical to grasp. I was very pleased with all the knowledge I received. I think all teachers should be required to take this course. It will make for more educated and better instructors.”                                                                                                                                                              - Sandra Lerner, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_22_link_0
“Chris was amazing; very knowledgeable. The information was clear, organized, and had a good dynamic. Chris presents the material in such an interesting way that he was able to keep my attention for the entire course. I learned a lot; the course helped me to more fully understand the postures. Now, I’m able to explain the postures better from an anatomical perspective and the course helped me to understand my students with chronic injuries much better.”                                                                                                                                                                - Alzbeta Peskova, Bikram Yoga Rye Brook | Rye Brook | NY http://bikramyogaryebrook.com/shapeimage_26_link_0
“The course reinforces some of the reasons behind why the dialogue is what it is, and also makes you think more about the words that are coming out of your mouth as you teach. For instance, it was fascinating to see how the scapula actually does "come out of the body" as you stretch and put your arms over your head. The course has provided me with the tools to explain what I am saying more accurately. I would consider taking the course again because there is just so much information to cover. Chris was very thorough in explaining everything and his approach was good. He also allotted adequate time for questions. We could have done a 6-session course and still had more to cover!
Chris is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject of anatomy and Bikram Yoga, so it was a good combination. I particularly liked the videos which featured fascia and respiration. Having the visual text, pictures, and video made it easier to digest because everyone learns in a different way. This technique gave everyone a chance to learn their way.”                                                                                                                                                                   - Lesley Klose, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_29_link_0
“Chris' course was the class I always wish I had taken.  His work with anatomical concepts through his practice of massage, teaching, and his own studies have led to an incredibly deep knowledge that he managed to condense into three fundamental lessons incorporating well organized slides, models, and human examples.  It brought me much greater clarity as a yoga teacher and practitioner - some things were finally explained that I knew intuitively, and some facts were brand new golden nuggets that I was very excited to receive.  His visual examples were exceptionally clear and easy to follow throughout the course.  This was the anatomy class I've been waiting for.  I highly recommend the Key Anatomical Concepts of Yoga course to anyone looking to jump start their enthusiasm and increase their knowledge with regards to their teaching or yoga practice.”                                                                                                                                                      - Emily Vartanian, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_32_link_0
“I wish I could have attended the 2nd and 3rd sessions. As yoga teachers an anatomy refresher is always a good idea. The more knowledge we have, the better teachers we can be. All the information regarding the knee and shoulder was great. Everything was clearly explained and I particularly liked how the material linked parts of the Bikram dialogue to the anatomical concepts. Getting clarification about all the parts of the knee makes talking about "locking the knee" a lot easier!”                                                                                                                                                                - Claire Barrett, Bikram Yoga Scarsdale | Scarsdale | NY http://bikramyogascarsdale.com/shapeimage_35_link_0
“Chris is kind, patient, amusing, and intelligent. The course is educational, precise, well-organized, and engaging. I was very happy to attend the course and to continue to improve my understanding of the human body. The course has inspired me to keep learning, to keep inspiring others, and to keep tyring my best to be correct.”                                                                                                                                                      - Georgia Balligian, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_38_link_0
“Chris is my fave anatomy nerd! Do it!”                                                                                                                                                      - Gloria Suen, 2-time International Yoga Champion | New York | NY
“I would definitely take this course again! Concepts that were difficult to grasp, are suddenly easier to understand because of his detailed organization, thorough notes, exciting visuals, and openness to questions/comments/concerns. I want more! 
Before taking Christopher's course, I felt the desire to learn more about the yoga postures from an anatomical sense but did not know where to turn. Christopher's knowledge and organization helped me visualize and more specifically understand the postures in a scientifically beneficial way.
Christopher was extremely organized, informative, and made learning about anatomy (which can be quite complicated,) fun and interesting! His passion and responsiveness to questions and comments made the course exciting.”                                                                                                                                                      - Blayne Zucker, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_44_link_0
“Literally life changing! It was like looking under the hood of a car. Seeing the design and function of my muscles and joints gave me a deeper understanding of how my body works and that understanding deepened my practice. I couldn't wait to get into the hot room to apply what I had learned. Practicing yoga after taking the course, I felt stronger and in some sense, the yoga was easier because of what I had learned. After learning about pelvic tilt — after only 2 classes — my back pain has improved. 
Chris did a beautiful job of pulling back the curtain and getting to the heart of the material in a way that was meaningful to me as a student and a teacher. I appreciated his enthusiasm and could see the amount of time and energy that went into preparing for the course.”                                                                                                                                                               - Peni Landisi, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_47_link_0
“Completing the course helped me to understand a few of the finer points of my personal practice. Not just the anatomical ‘parts’ but how to move with and not against the parts of the body utilized in postures. Now, I’m more aware of how I move, where I might be collapsing and where I could be stronger.”                                                                                                                                                      - Alex Cuervo, Yo-BK | New York | NY http://www.yo-bk.com/shapeimage_50_link_0
“I wish Chis could share all he knows!! The material was presented in a clear, fun, engaging, and easy-to-understand format. I now have a greater understanding of the yoga postures and the human body. I loved the direct connection back to the bikram practice. I want more!”                                                                                                                                                                 - Kiara Mereghetti, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_53_link_0
“I relish the opportunity to endorse Christopher Totaro's anatomy course! I have known Christopher for years, both as an astute student of the body — studying alongside of me in the gross anatomy labs — and also as my assistant and colleague in developing the next levels of my own work. Christopher is personable, kind, extremely knowledgeable, and on top of all that, super-fun to hang out with. I highly recommend any opportunity you might have to study with him. What he has to offer is rooted in genuine knowledge and firsthand experience of human anatomy at a level very few could claim, and which I can personally confirm.”                                                                                                                                                               - Gil Hedley, PhD | The Integral Anatomy Series | Somanautics Workshops, Inc http://www.gilhedley.com/ghvideo.phphttp://www.gilhedley.com/ghabout.phpshapeimage_56_link_0shapeimage_56_link_1

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“An amazing anatomy course taught by an amazing man! Christopher Totaro brings your body to life (pun intended!) Super intelligent yet comprehensible and relatable to your/student's practice, as well as, your everyday life. Teachers, this course is for you!”                                                                                                                                                               - Myrna Valdez-Thomas, Bikram Yoga Harlem | New York | NY http://bikramyogaharlem.comshapeimage_65_link_0
“This course was instrumental in forging new growth in my teaching skills and exciting in its accuracy, accessibility, and presentation. You can look forward to points of view that make sense as a practitioner, as well as a thorough and informed syllabus that truly draws you into the experience of learning, all in a fun, informative, and supportive environment. Christopher Totaro has managed to take your dusty anatomy memories from school and present them again with a flare that will reignite your curiosity and wonder at the beauty and simple complexity of our bodies. Don’t miss this! Highly recommended! Sign up NOW!!!”                                                                                                                                                               - Luke Strandquist, bodē NYC | New York | NY https://bikramyoganyc.com/shapeimage_68_link_0